Confirmation Ministry

Point System for Confirmation at Our Saviour Lutheran Church  

8th Graders need a total of 150 points over 3 years by April 22, 2018. Confirmation will be April 22, 2018.

6th – 7th Graders need 160 points over 3 years.  Confirmation will most likely be May 5  or 12, 2019 and the last Sunday in April in 2020.

The way points are earned:

1 point for church attendance – If you visit another church and bring back bulletin, you can get credit.  There are at least 60 opportunities for worship every year.

1 point for Sunday School attendance  (mid September –  mid May).  There are at about 24 classes available every year.

1 point for Catechism class attendance  (about 14 are scheduled each year)

1 point for Sermon/Worship Reports  (so really you can get 2 points for attending worship)

1 point for a religious/church discussion and/or time of prayer with parents or other adult   (maximum of 10 per year)

1 point for an act of service (serving as an acolyte, singing or playing in choir at church, helping with other projects at church, ½ point for choir practice, VBS, helping at Rummage Sale, or with God’s work. Our hands. Day)

1 point for taking part in another important parts of the life of this congregation or the wider church.  ( attending Congregational Meeting, Synod events , Smiles/ other Youth events.

There are numerous opportunities to earn points. The idea behind this system is simple.  One of the ways we grow in faith is to be here in the midst of God’s people in worship together, serve together, and grow in faith together.  Becoming a follower of Jesus means that we learn from other followers of Jesus. The faith is caught as much or more than it is taught.

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